2 x 4 Straight Elevators

How to get way more from a 2×4?
Use Elevators® 2×4 Straight Brackets to change the way you build! 2×4 Straight Brackets are the fastest, simplest way to sturdier:

  • Work benches
  • Storage platforms
  • Tables
  • They’re best for shorter, smaller platforms that support lighter loads, and the vertical legs save floor space!


It’s not just a 2×4 anymore. It’s a simpler, quicker, stronger way to build!


They are the most economical of our Elevator Brackets, and offer the same 12-gauge welded steel! The 6″ welded steel sleeve locks legs at a steel-solid 90° and the J-channel surrounds a horizontal 2×4 or 2×6 with three sides of steel.

Use patented Elevators® Metal Brackets, a trusted online partner with ShadowHunterBlinds.com