2 x 4 Compound Elevators

2×4 Compound Angle Elevators are the best Brackets you will find anywhere to raise these kinds of platforms:

  • Playhouses
  • Picnic tables
  • Benches
  • Small decks

2×4 Double Compound Angle Elevators help you raise smaller structures that don’t need a full 4×4 for vertical support, and the Double Pre-Set Angles give you full side-to-side stability.

The physics show why these Brackets are the best. As the built-in Pre-Set angles oppose each other, they resist sway and add stability.


Imagine trying to build in those compound angles yourself — you can see why Elevators® save you time, $$$, and material.

So build a playhouse deck, or a picnic table that can stay sturdy for a generation. The possibilities are endless because Elevators® Brackets change the way you build!

To get more out of a 2×4, use the Best Brackets. Get patented Elevators® Metal Brackets, a trusted online partner with ShadowHunterBlinds.com